Wednesday, October 12, 2011

what is it about knee and surgery

Well it is my turn to have knee surgery. I can truly empathize with Naivasha with her surgery. It went well. It sure hurts like the dickens ( I do not know why people say that, the only dickens I know of is Charles Dickens who wrote beautiful books).
The next day, Naivasha was the perfect host for our friend - Lakin's baby shower. Dana and Naivasha sure did a great job. I was told I walk around like "Frankenstein" I thought I looked more like the Hunchback of  Nordtrodam stumbling around the house. The worst is going to the bathroom. The fear is sitting down and missing the bowl and landing on the floor, or trying to get up after and cannot (looking like a baby giraffe or baby colt trying to get up on their skinny legs ) and having to call for help. It is just as bad, putting on underwear, with  only one leg that have strength and the other is a useless limp piece of no good leg. One of the good thing is I do not have to dress up (which I don't anyway) and walk around in your underwear with no one at home - sorry for the vision. ha ha