Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I have but one master

I have but one Master
If Satan wins, it will be a disaster
Thank you dear friends and love one for sharing kind words and hope
It gave me strength today to help me cope
Like Jeff said, hope is around the corner
If I would only look a little further
I will pick myself up each day
And deal with "come what may"
I know God has not me forsaken
I just need to remember I am not forgotten
With friend and family like you out there
How could I stay down, when you care
Hello, have I lost my mind somewhere
When I still have a daughter and son who care
I should rejoice when I had McKay for twenty years
And not ruin his memories by shading tears
If I take the time to hear my McKay
he would say, "mama, it's all gonna be Okay."

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

tears like rain

It has been hard to get to sleep.
 Every time I closed my eyes, I see his smile, his face, and his eye
 I hear his singing voice and piano playing.
Then the heart starts to sear with pain, and the tears fall like rain.
People always said there is Heaven on Earth, but they forget to mention there is hell as well.
I hope my heart mends before my journey ends.
Everyone has moved on, I tried to go on.
It is not for lack of trying, it just seemed like life is so trying.
It may be almost two years for all, to me, it feel like they just came to my door.
We are to suppose to find joy in life, some day I cannot find or see the joy in mine.
I know that God does not give me experiences without the strength, even the experiences that I do not seek
His burden is supposed to be light, where is the strength to make mine light?
My heart fell heavy like cement, I don't feel like picking it up again
I shall try to make it through  today, so I can fight weariness another day.