Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I have but one master

I have but one Master
If Satan wins, it will be a disaster
Thank you dear friends and love one for sharing kind words and hope
It gave me strength today to help me cope
Like Jeff said, hope is around the corner
If I would only look a little further
I will pick myself up each day
And deal with "come what may"
I know God has not me forsaken
I just need to remember I am not forgotten
With friend and family like you out there
How could I stay down, when you care
Hello, have I lost my mind somewhere
When I still have a daughter and son who care
I should rejoice when I had McKay for twenty years
And not ruin his memories by shading tears
If I take the time to hear my McKay
he would say, "mama, it's all gonna be Okay."

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

tears like rain

It has been hard to get to sleep.
 Every time I closed my eyes, I see his smile, his face, and his eye
 I hear his singing voice and piano playing.
Then the heart starts to sear with pain, and the tears fall like rain.
People always said there is Heaven on Earth, but they forget to mention there is hell as well.
I hope my heart mends before my journey ends.
Everyone has moved on, I tried to go on.
It is not for lack of trying, it just seemed like life is so trying.
It may be almost two years for all, to me, it feel like they just came to my door.
We are to suppose to find joy in life, some day I cannot find or see the joy in mine.
I know that God does not give me experiences without the strength, even the experiences that I do not seek
His burden is supposed to be light, where is the strength to make mine light?
My heart fell heavy like cement, I don't feel like picking it up again
I shall try to make it through  today, so I can fight weariness another day.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Festival of trees

I just made some really yummy salsa with cucumber, fresh pineapple and sweet onion. Just chopped up everything, and add jalapeno if you like them spicy. I do. Add sea salt to taste and if you like it sweet, add a little sugar. Nice and refreshing.

Dana will be having shoulder surgery on the 29th. Hopefully it is the last for our family for a while. This year made it for all of us. Naivasha had knee, Ashton had broken nose - got that fixed, Shirley had knee, Dana had will have his other shoulder done in a few weeks.

We went to see the festival of trees. Every year, we have a huge event called  "festival of trees," where our kids had performed many piano performances. The event is to raise fund for Primary Children Hospital. Lots of trees were donated, decorated, auction off, loads of wreaths, ginger bread houses, lots of goodies, quilts, etc. were auction off to raise the money. It is an amazing sight. A land of magnificent colours of lights, Christmas trees, people everywhere, loads of music, festivities, and colours, colours, colours.
McKay's mission president and wife did a tree for McKay and his companion Jace. It was awesome. Everything is made in Romania except the tree. Thank you to the Lundbergs.
For McKay's birthday, we celebrated his life by having some of his favorite food, seafood, and cream cheese pastry. We did not have the cheese cake this year. We took flowers to his grave as well.

Dana shaved his beard, since Shirley told him, the beard might not be the best example for his young men, since he is the young men president. So he shaved some of it. Naivasha, Ashton and Shirley thought it was hilarious. We really like it. He kept that for the night and than it was cleaned up before he went to Church the next morning.

Dana and Shirley took some short trips in October and saw some magnificent Fall colours on our motorcyle drive.

We also got a raft this summer. Dana and Naivasha took it out to deer creek after they put it together.  Dana was laying back and Naivasha was rowing, a guy and his wife were on a boat near them, the man said, "Do you know why single woman live longer, because they want to  aka when you are married you do not want to."  Dana said, "THIS IS MY DAUGHTER"  They quickly row away.  Never comment on what you do not know.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

what is it about knee and surgery

Well it is my turn to have knee surgery. I can truly empathize with Naivasha with her surgery. It went well. It sure hurts like the dickens ( I do not know why people say that, the only dickens I know of is Charles Dickens who wrote beautiful books).
The next day, Naivasha was the perfect host for our friend - Lakin's baby shower. Dana and Naivasha sure did a great job. I was told I walk around like "Frankenstein" I thought I looked more like the Hunchback of  Nordtrodam stumbling around the house. The worst is going to the bathroom. The fear is sitting down and missing the bowl and landing on the floor, or trying to get up after and cannot (looking like a baby giraffe or baby colt trying to get up on their skinny legs ) and having to call for help. It is just as bad, putting on underwear, with  only one leg that have strength and the other is a useless limp piece of no good leg. One of the good thing is I do not have to dress up (which I don't anyway) and walk around in your underwear with no one at home - sorry for the vision. ha ha

Thursday, September 22, 2011

garden fresh taco and salad

 Dana did a great job this year. We have the best garden. We used it daily. This is a great taco or salad
julienne the zuchini, tomatoes, onion and cut up limes and basil and cilantro

You will need grated cheese - Mozzarella or cheddar, whatever you prefer.  I have a bowl of chopped avocado, sprinkle with chopped basil and cilantro - salted, black pepper and lime juice to keep avocado from turning brown.  

Of course for taco, you will need tortilla. I used raw tortilla and fried it up. You can buy ready made tortilla as well or even use naan or roti (parathea) to make the taco. You can use fish or cooked shred chicken or cook ground turkey, pork or beef as well. Put them all on the tortilla or roti to make taco.

or you can make salad instead.

It is just as wonderful. If you like
it spicy, add chopped jalepeno

or chilli, or hot salsa to top
taco or salad.

this is a fresh fish salad with veggies from our garden. Even the Basil.

Friday, September 16, 2011

enough to die for it.

Like Ashton said on his facebook, he misses his brother. Everyday, We miss his smile, his physical presence, his music and just having McKay around. We do know he is watching over our family. We also know that he accompanies his dad and brother when they give priesthood blessings. We are so honor to have him in our lives on earth for 20 years.  He is constantly our example and strength when we want to stumble ahnd give up. Thank you McKay. We love you very much.

He gave his live for his beliefs.

Friday, September 9, 2011

ground beef and noodles

1 lb ground beef or pork or chicken or turkey
3 tbsp.oyster sauce
1 tsp. grd white pepper
1 thumb size peeled ginger - minced
garlic4-6 cloves garlic - minced (use less if you prefer less
green onion
rice noodles or leftover cook spaghetti noodles or egg noodles or cooked ramen noodles

steam the noodles in steamer, unless you  are using one of the other cook noodles

Heat wok/pan very hot.
Add oil, add ginger, garlic and green onion,  Saute for a minute, add ground meat. Brown, add oyster sauce and white pepper.

Serve cooked meat mixture over warm noodles.  I served mine with chopped chillies/jalapenos. Yummm Yummy.